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Our Accounts

We use several systems to manage files and share information, links are below

General Resources

Below is a list of resources students can use to help learn more. They are broken down into categories. Check back often, there will be things added!

  • FIRST Website – Game Manual, and official Q&A
  • The Blue Alliance – Match schedules, scores, and statistics about the competitions and other teams
  • WPILib – The code we use to program the robot

Chief Delphi

Great online community based around FRC. If you have a question or want to share an idea with mentors and students from around the world, this is the place.

Team Build Blogs


  • Gravity Arms – Designing arms that are balanced and easier to control

Some YouTube channels that are good resources for learning about things that can be related to and use in robotics.

  • Abom79 – Adam Booth is a world class manual machinist and is a great teacher. He has lots of videos on different techniques and ways to use manual machines.
  • Mr Carlson’s Lab – Electronic repair and diagnosis. He talks about how to use all sorts of test equipment
  • This Old Tony – One of the best machinist channels on YouTube, his sense of humor and amazing video edition makes this channel a real treat to watch
  • oxtoolco – Tom Lipton is an amazing teacher. He works for the national laboratory in Berkeley. He goes into great detail on how to make very accurate parts and some of the techniques used to build crazy things.
  • Rainfall Projects
  • Ben Eater
  • Adam Savage’s Tested
  • JimmyDiresta
  • Alec Steele

More to come, check back soon